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Project-Driven Creativity Workshops

Tackle real and immediate challenges while learning Hank’s revolutionary brainstorming techniques.

Rather than offering general courses on creativity training, Hank Olguin presents his creativity techniques by tackling a particular challenge your organization may be facing. Managers are often reluctant to spend resources on what is often considered a soft skill offering questionable results. There is a better chance of learning about the creative process and gaining a solid business value if participants apply it to immediate, pressing needs.

Reclaim, cultivate and evolve the inbred creative talent we all posses through Hank’s creativity workshops. Presented in a highly interactive, playful and accelerated learning environment, these workshop are designed to inspire and teach break-through, innovative thinking. 

Workshop participants will:

  • Learn how to apply the critical stages of the creative process to everyday situations 
  • Tap into the power of imagination through the PowerImaging™ technique 
  • Use Hank’s revolutionary brainstorming technique, Braindiving™, designed to help participants learn to create and organize countless winning, innovative ideas 
  • Increase productive collaboration 
  • Enhance individual and team performance 
  • Reduce stress through improved output 
  • Generate and implement countless creative ideas
    that work




 Creative thinking photo featuring couple