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Creativity Workshops to Awaken the Power of Your Creative Mind

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"I want to thank you again so much for your dynamic program on creativity. Not only was the content useful and inspirational, your delivery was engaging and highly entertaining. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and hope to have the good fortune of working with you again."

—Cynthia Holladay,
President, Silicon Valley American Marketing Association

"Your presentation and group exercise techniques were just what we needed to "unlock" our mindset and creatively see the possibilities open to all of us. Your brainstorming technique proved to be particularly effective."

—Kevin Desmond,
General Manager, King County Metro

A personal message from Hank Olguin . . .

"The primary aim of my creativity workshops is to inspire individuals and organizations to believe in the value of creativity as a practical tool for success. Creativity is, by no means, a natural gift reserved solely for artists or so-called creative types. I make sure to stress in my creativity workshops that anyone can tap into this innate human aptitude."

The centerpiece of these creativity workshops is a revolutionary brainstorming technique that shows participants how to take advantage of the distinctive functions of the left and right sides of the brain.

Unlike most traditional brainstorming techniques, Hank's approach helps participant rapidly create hundreds of ideas, gain a greater sense of their own creative thinking abilities, discover a natural ease with collaboration and communication and find new paths to consensus and decision making.

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